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Agile isn't just for software development ... it's for every aspect of your business. Learn how to apply agile methodlogies to your business practices and grow faster, better, smarter.

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Andrea Hill

Andrea Hill

CEO | Founder, Hill Management Group | The Werx Brands


June 20, 2024, 06:00 PM

Transform Your Business for a Scalable Future

Andrea Hill
July 31, 2024, 06:00 PM

Agile Growth: Faster, Smarter, Stronger

Andrea Hill
August 28, 2024, 06:00 PM

Force Multiplier: Empowering Individuals and Teams to Ignite Growth

Andrea Hill
September 25, 2024, 06:00 PM

Unshakeable: Building Organizational Resilience in a Changing World

Andrea Hill
October 23, 2024, 06:00 PM

Beyond Features: Building Winning Products with Customer-Centric Focus

Andrea Hill

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